Please note that our SB system will be changed for new SFO to be effective on 1 April 2003. One of the changes is adding an indicator in B/S Trade to indicate the trade was "Initiated by the Intermediary". The text files for import/export are affected accordingly.

Please read the attached 3 files DCLayout.TXT (for Daily Combined Statement), SBLayout.TXT (for Monthly Statement in SByymmdd.TXT), and BSLayout.TXT (for B/S trades import)
A revised completed text file layout SBINT1.TXT is attached for reference also.
If you have any question, please call  2391 8816 for assistance

因為1/4/2003生效之證券及期貨條例, 要求中介人在交易單據上標明"公司引發"之交易.

此舉已在POP系統之各種後勤系統完成, 但與POP系統衍接之系統, 例如前端交易系統, 網上結單 等,

可能亦要作相應配合. 這是本文內容的目的. 各位可參考以下 3 個檔案

DCLayout.TXT (for Daily Combined Statement), 

SBLayout.TXT (for Monthly Statement in SByymmdd.TXT), 

BSLayout.TXT (for B/S trades import)

詳細內容, 請參考SBINT1.TXT